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All wildlife species in Vietnam are threatened by human actions. To achieve effective conservation we must address the root causes of these actions, which often relate to a lack of understanding or negative attitudes towards these species. We aim to promote positive perceptions and attitudes supporting the conservation of wildlife. By building awareness and communicating messages that create positive perceptions of our species we aim to create attitudinal change. This we hope will affect the human behaviours that are negatively impacting wildlife populations. 


We will employ a variety of tools to engage our target audiences. Firstly, our teams will carry out social surveys to help understand the characteristics of our target groups, identify local needs and establish the conservation requirements of our targeted species. This is key to ensuring our awareness campaigns and education program work effectively. Secondly, it is important to strengthen the capacity of rangers, students and animal keepers. Finally, we are using traditional and electronic media, educational publications and developing an education centre to gain public support for saving the wildlife of Vietnam.