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Building Capacity


The CPCP has trained than 1000 rangers, environment police and border army officers from conservation hotspots in small carnivore and pangolin conservation over a ten-year period, from 2003 to 2013. 


SVW will build upon this achievement in the coming time aiming to improve skills in identifying carnivores and pangolins, handling confiscated wildlife, and promote responsible and pro-conservation placement of confiscated wildlife.



Ranger training course in Cuc Phuong National Park

More photos of ranger training courses, please visit here.




The CPCP has carried out numerous seminars and training courses for students in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand raising awareness for the conservation of wildlife and showcase our research from the field and the need to protect pangolins and carnivores. 


SVW will further this work rainees to share practical skills and motivation to further future Vietnamese wildlife conservationists. Courses will cover numerous topics including aspects of small carnivore field survey skills, species ecology and identification, scientific methods, handling and care, surveys skills, transect use, interview techniques, navigation, live trapping and camera trapping.



Rescue Centres and Zoos


CPCP and SVW have assisted and shared information with Cu Chi Rescue Station in Southern Vietnam, Phong Nha Ke Bang Rescue Station and Cat Tien Rescue Centre on husbandry and veterinary care of animals and conservation threats to pangolins. The presentations provided their staff with information to support their work with confiscated carnivores and pangolins in captivity.

Sharing experience to staff of rescue centre in Cat Tien NP